Joyce Foxcroft

Joyce Foxcroft


tel: 0141 943 1449

After a false start teaching English in school, I became a lexicographer, a 'harmless drudge', in the English Language Department at Glasgow University, where a gift for proof-reading was honed and an introduction to computers effected.

I left in 1990 to begin my three-year Alexander training in London. I took time out to have my son, and qualified as an Alexander Technique teacher in Glasgow in 1996.  It was curiosity that took me to the Technique. What is this thing that you can't learn from a book or teach yourself? Why do you have to learn from a teacher? Where are these teachers? What's the big secret?

I found Barbara's group class and saw that this was what I could do with the rest of my life.It's been a fascinating journey that continues to unfold. It interests me that the Technique uncovers a fuller sense of one's self as the physical gets sorted out. One becomes more of who one is, and this is nourishing.

I work largely in the Bearsden area and teach introductory classes for Glasgow University's Adult Education programme twice a year.