Vision and values


We want to see the Alexander Technique widely practised and enjoyed throughout society. We see it as our job to inform as many people about it as best we can, eventually seeing an overall improvement in peoples' understanding and awareness so that they can lead as rich and healthy a life as possible.

Isobel has had a vision for some while of having an Alexander house in Glasgow, a centre which will become well known for its provision of Alexander Technique tuition. It’s her “when I win the lottery” vision, so watch this space!                                                                                                                                                Barbara wants to see the Technique becoming as much a part of people's lives as washing and brushing teeth and hair. It is a fundamental for living and enjoying life in all its rich forms. An investment in life. 

Joyce says, "Something as simple as giving ourselves some thought during our day brings benefits out of all proportion. I'd love that to be better known. We all want to do the best for ourselves but often aren't sure what that is or how to do it. The Technique shows us the personal, individual  knowledge we long for in the face of contradictory general advice." 

Gordon looks forward to the day sometime in the future when the Technique is well known in the fields of Education, Health, the Arts & Dance, and of course, Sport, and when everyone is able to lead a full and healthy life. 

We all wish to make it as accessible to as many people as wish for it, regardless of life style, or financial situation, so we'll make a real effort to make lessons affordable for all.