Gordon McCaffrey

Gordon McCaffrey

email: gmacalexandertech@hotmail.co.uk

Tel: 0141 248 8485 or 07811970049

Gordon attended the Totnes Training school from 1984 -1987 and soon after qualifying moved back to Scotland to start teaching in Glasgow.

From an early age he was interested in health, fitness and sport, and was always looking for the secret to improve his golf.

After reading about the Technique in 1980, he recognized its marvellous potential not only to maintain the health and sporting skill you have, but also to improve it. To Gordon, Alexander’s discovery that your use of yourself affects how you function and react made complete sense and led to the realisation that most of your problems are caused by yourself. The number one priority should be to find out what you are doing wrong, prevent it and thereby function better. This appealed to Gordon intellectually and he found the Technique in practice fulfilled the theory.

He has taught many different pupils with a variety of problems, but especially enjoys the challenge of working with people suffering from Parkinson’s disease, golfers and runners.

He himself still runs and competes frequently in fell racing, where the Technique helps enormously with breathing, stamina and keeping the releasing mechanism going. This in turn prevents compression to the knees and hips, an injury which sadly causes many sports people to give up. He looks forward to the day sometime in the future when the Technique is well known in the fields of Education, Health, the Arts & Dance, and of course, Sport, and when everyone is able to lead a full and healthy life. 

His office address is: 3 Fitzroy Place, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G3 7RH

He teaches Monday to Saturday, and evening appointments are available.